Re: Not able to change password with passwd

Sjoerd Hardeman schreef:
Absolutely not. I wonder how this configuration came in place,
considering I
installed the server recently from scratch and edited
configuration-files very
carefully and tried to understand every single thing I changed
anywhere. I
installed samba, though, and edited its configurationfile smb.conf.
I'll have to
look into this issue and find out where this is configured (in
/etc/pam.d/ I
guess) and change it. Thanks for the hint.
Samba shouldn't do that. Strange indeed, but good to hear it's solved now.

This following mail I got from Christian (why didn't you send it to the
His suggestion is (if I understand correctly) that some other package
somehow pulled a reference to /etc/pam.d/samba in the
/etc/pam.d/common-password. It might be possible, but also those other
packages shouldn't touch your common-password, except some configuration
scripts that you explicitly authorize. Anyway, it might be a good idea
to look in that situation. If you have backups, you might be able to
find the last alteration date of your common-password (before the change
you did to fix it, of course). The apt log might then tell you which
packages were updated that day, so you can try to find out what went
wrong. It is a whole lot of trouble though, so you can also hope
somebody else runs into this, but does remember how it came into being.


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sorry that I have to write u a direct E-mail - I red your thread about this passwd-problem and I've had the same one.
I think it's not due some strange changes which samba did, but in fact there are some "standard"-pam-modules not installed - so pam is forced to fall back to the winbind-pam-authentication. I noticed that, because when I purged samba and windbind passwd gives me the hint with "module is not available" and so I screened for not installed libpam-packages and realized some which could be the problem. In the end I think the not installed "libpam-pwdfile" was the problem, but I've also installed some others as: libpam-ssh, libpam-modules, libpam-cracklib (which was already installed after setup), libpam-runtime, libpam-unix2.
Maybe you can post this to the list, that also others are able to access that solution!
Thanks a lot

Christian Lehmann
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