Re: Filesystem recommendations

Mark Allums put forth on 4/26/2010 3:10 AM:
On 4/26/2010 2:14 AM, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

XFS has had just as much development support in Linux as EXT3/4 have,
possibly more in some areas.

What does this prove? Development does not equal support.

I thought you were talking about developer support, as in XFS devs getting
support from other kernel devs and/or support directly from Linus and/or
Alan. I've seen posts on the xfs mailing list from both Linus and Alan.
XFS is very much a mainline supported filessytem. Don't forget there are a
few companies who _require_ XFS to work well on Linux.

If you're talking about end user support, the XFS mailing list members,
whilst mostly engaged in dev stuff, are very gracious with helping XFS end
users who are having problems.

As far as getting help with an XFS problem here on debian-user, of course
you're possibly SOL. From what I've seen, most of the OPs on debian-user
are desktop or mobile users, not server OPs. Of the server OPs on here,
most aren't dealing with multi-hundred terabyte filesystems on big FC SAN
storage that need the massive throughput and the backup, restore, freeze to
snapshot, and other features of XFS.

I'd venture to guess that most of the systems using XFS around the world are
running SLES just because of the vendor support deals. SLES ships on SGI's
machines which use XFS by default. IBM bundles SLES on many of its X86 and
Power machines, as well as on zSeries as a VM. There's plenty of hardware
vendor and OS vendor support for XFS if you buy one of these machines and
use SLES.

I freely admit that XFS penetration in the Debian world, or any other
non-big-vendor backed Linux, is going to be sparse. The need that would
drive XFS adoption just doesn't exist for the hobbyist or average Debian
server OP. The other available filesystems mostly meet their needs. XFS
does have many features/advantages that could benefit many Debian systems.
But, yes, the OP wouldn't likely get help for it here. That said, I can't
recall too many emergency cries here for help with any filesystem problem.


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