Re: Debian asking for DVD... (FYI)

On 06/10/2010 04:57 AM, Steven wrote:
On Thu, June 10, 2010 08:25, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:
3. You boot from the DVD _and_ a network cable is found. At this point,
you're asked whether you want to use
the network. In Testing at the moment, I think the message is even
something along the lines of "You're currently
installing from a CD/DVD - do you want to use netwrok repositories?"
I installed squeeze (this is still testing, right? :) ) a couple of times
recently, but haven't seen this message, is it only in the full CD/DVD? Or
has it to do with the GUI install, I used the debian installer (text mode)
on a netinstall.

The netinstall only has the essential packages for a bare-bones system, so it cannot offer installation from the CD/DVD - packages must be fetched from the network.

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