Re: [OT] First computer (was Re: LVM)

On Thursday 17 June 2010 15:03:52 Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
What was that thing that was only a keyboard that had the cpu and memory
built into it? You connected a tape player for the I/O and a TV for the
display. I used it to play chess on and to do astrology programs. It
took hours to get that thing to read in a tape without errors. It was
around 1977 I think.

I had a Vic-20, but that was 1980 I think. Tape cassette, hooked to
TV... I'm feeling old. My neighboor had the Commador64 with a Floppy
drive, MUCH better set-up. She got the modem, then I did. Chatting
sucked as I recall. What was that online service that was available
then... was it Compuserve?

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