Misleading Debian's installer choice


I wanted to reinstall Debian on an older PC where I had installed RH
some months ago. I had numerous problems because of RH (I don't like RH
at all, actually).

I often install Debian on different computers, but I noticed, this time
(I'm using a netinst, as always), that, as always, in the partitioning,
it asks for `what you want to mount where.' That is, you can choose, for
every partition, the `mount point.'

First, I always found the `mount point' expression weird in this
context, because, for me, the mount point _is_ always the partition,
during the installation, but this is not the problem.

The biggest problem is that you are able to choose between, say, `/',
`/var/', '/usr/', `/home/', etc. But, without thinking a lot, `/'
*habitually* contains the rest. So, mounting say `/' on hda1, and
`/home/' on hdb1 could appear as weird for the user, at first glance (only).

What do you think about this? (I'm known for my outlandish ideas, so,
don't be angry if I'm wrong.)

Merciadri Luca
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