Re: Scim and iceweasel

On Tuesday 06 July 2010 22:33:03 H.S. wrote:
On 06/07/10 12:23 PM, Lisi wrote:
On Tuesday 06 July 2010 15:37:04 H.S. wrote:
The only hiccup is that its
applet does not start when I log in. This gives an option of switching
to my last changed keyboard using CTRL+SPC only

I have it working, so far as I can see, perfectly on Lenny, applet and
all, Oowriter and all. Tho' I prefer ctrl+space as an access method.
But I have it working in Japanese.

I could dig out my "notes" if that would be any help. (I set it up a
while ago.)

With the config I posted in my message, do you see anything obviously
wrong there as compared to what you have? If yes, then perhaps your
notes will help. As I mentioned earlier, the only thing I would like to
have is make the relevant applet start depending on which desktop I log
in. Other than this little problem, scim works quite well. That is why I
posted the information, hoping that it would help the OP in some way.

As I said, I shall have to dig it out. I'll do so and try to see what is
different, but it was really the not working in OOo that struck me as
potentially inconvenient. As I said, I use the keyboard from preference. My
Japanese is only just the right side of non-existent, so I tend to switch
from kana/kanji to roman script to kana/kanji while typing.

I may not have time to do this tomorrow - and must get myself to bed now
before I fall asleep at the keyboard. :-( But I'll do it in the
foreseeable future.


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