Re: HP PSC 1315 printer and hplip/hpcups printer cartridge mode issue

On Tue, 27 Jul 2010 05:29:45 +0000, Harishankar wrote:

I'm using HPLIP /CUPS with the hpcups driver to print using my hp psc
1315 printer.

Has anybody had the issue that during a print job it is impossible to
ask the printer to use both the B&W and colour cartridge at the same
time? I mean, if you select Normal Color it prints even black text using
the colour cartridge (giving a non-sharp brownish grey effect) and when
I select Normal Greyscale it is impossible to print in colour?

I had the same problem using HPIJS drivers as well but the HPCUPS
haven't solved the problem either?

Has anybody ever successfully printed a multi-coloured document with
both the B&W and colour cartridge used where black is printed using the
B&W cartridge and other colours printed using the colour cartridge like
in Windows?

This seems closely related to this bug report: ... bug/235399

Seems nobody at HP have resolved the issue related to Linux printing or
am I doing something wrong?

Harishankar (

Just an update: I've followed up this as a bug report to Debian as well
as posted a message on an existing report at launchpad.

I believe that newer printers in the same range have automatic colour
conversion in firmware which would resolve the issue?

Harishankar (

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