Re: building 2.6.35

Stephen Powell <zlinuxman> wrote:
(1) I believe that "aptitude install linux-source-x.x.xx", as with any
package installation, requires root privileges.

Yes, but that isn't the only way to get the source. There are many
ways of getting linux kernel source that don't involve installing

(2) By default, "aptitude install linux-source-x.x.xx" installs the
.tar.bz2 file in /usr/src. My non-superuser self does not have
write permissions to that directory; so it cannot be uncompressed
in place. It has to be moved somewhere else, such as a directory off
of my home directory. And then I have to use chown and chgrp on it
to assign the ownership of the file to my non-superuser self.

If it is your own machine then you should certainly be in the 'src'
group and then you would have access to /usr/src as your own normal
user self. And if you don't know about src then you probably don't
know about 'staff' and 'adm' either. The staff group gets you access
to /usr/local and adm gets you read-only browsing capability to
/var/log/*. You probably want all three.

$ sudo adduser zlinuxman adm
$ sudo adduser zlinuxman src
$ sudo adduser zlinuxman staff

Then log out. At login you will be set to those additional groups.
With those in place you can work as yourself in those areas. Safer
than using root since as yourself you can't smash anything in the
system directories /etc or /bin or /var or other system locations.
This makes installing local software through 'make install' much safer
and more contained when not done as root. If one were to crawl out of
/usr/local for example you would see the failure. If you were running
as root then you would not.


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