Re: building 2.6.35

On 2010-08-12 19:25 +0200, Bob Proulx wrote:

Stephen Powell wrote:
I do know about groups, but I don't necessarily know the intended
purpose of all of the pre-defined groups in a Linux system. Where
can I find documentation for that?

Unfortunately I have no idea. I don't even know if they are all
documented someplace. And distro to distro those will vary since they
tend to be local administration conventions.

For Debian, there is some information in the /usr/share/doc/base-passwd/

Still, I should have noticed that the /usr/src directory was owned
by user root and by group src. For some reason, I never made that
connection. That's a great tip, thanks. I will have to play around
with this. If I can get everything to work, then the next revision
of my kernel building web page will be revised accordingly.

Don't berate yourself. There is too much information in the universe
to know all of it! Only by working together can we manage to get a
handle on even a small fraction of it.

Yes, even the base-passwd maintainers who keep the users and groups with
ID < 100 in sync across Debian installations have sometimes no clue what
a specific group is or was good for. Here is what they say about the
'bin' and 'sys' groups:

| bin
| HELP: No files on my system are owned by user or group bin. What good are
| they? Historically they were probably the owners of binaries in /bin? It is
| not mentioned in the FHS, Debian Policy, or the changelogs of base-passwd
| or base-files.
| [...]
| sys
| HELP: As with bin, except I don't even know what it was good for
| historically.


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