Re: Upgrade to latest Inkscape

John Culleton wrote:
I want to upgrade to latest Inkscape 0.48.0 To that end I did a net
install of Debian and ended up with Lenny and Inkscape 0.46. Two
1. What release of Debian is likely to get Inkscape 0.48 first?

Inkscape 0.48 was just released a few days ago on August 23rd. That
is very new!

2. How do I upgrade to that release?

Normally new packages would first enter Unstable, then after ten days
with no release critical bugs would transition to Testing. When
Testing is in a good release state as a whole it is released as the
newest Stable (about every two years). During the release lifetime
Stable will be held stable and won't change.

Since you are wishing something released upstream just a few days ago
then the normal thing would be to compile it yourself. Start by
installing all of the build dependencies of the current inkscape.
Then during the build install any additional dependencies that you
don't already have.

$ sudo apt-get install build-dep inkscape
$ sudo apt-get install libgsl0-dev
... get latest from ...
$ cd inkscape-0.48.0
$ ./configure --with-gnome-vfs --enable-lcms
$ make
$ ./src/inkscape

If you are in the 'staff' group you can 'make install' to install the
bits into your /usr/local/ directory without needing to be root.


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