Re: new squeeze

On Thu, 2010-09-09 at 22:30 -0400, Doug wrote:
I just downloaded debian-testing i386 Net Inst and burned the
.iso onto disk. Before I do something silly, I want to make sure
that this is designed to live with other os's on the hd. (I remember
one older version of Ubuntu that took over the drive, and wiped
everything else out.) If everything is copacetic, I'll put it
on my laptop along with Win XP and PcLinuxOs. Please advise.

Hello Doug,

The setup you describe I have installed it a few times with WinXp, and
other Debians and Ubuntus on other partitions. It works just fine.

I also usualy use the netinst approach.

The one thing you must be absolutelly sure is that you have one
partition totally free, or if it is not free, you don't mind loosing
data in it. That is the partition to which you will install your new
Debian. You must be absolutely sure of its device name (hda1, sda3,
whatever), because the installer/partitioning/formating process will ask
you something like: "I have found these X partitions ? where do I put
your new Debian ? and about the others, do you want to mount them on
startup ? do yopu want to erase/format them"

If you are sure about the answers to these questions then you will be
ok. Even if you have any doubt during the process you can simply power
of the computer (but never do this during teh formating or during the
bootloader/grub install).

Having said that... there is always some percentage of risk (usually
less that 0.001%) that anything crazy might happen. So, if any really
important data exists in any of the partitions might as well back it
up... just to be 100% safe.

Like I said: I've installed a setup similar to yours several times using
lenny and squeeze netinsts and never had any problem whatsoever...

go for it...


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