Re: rsync issue

Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

In rsync manual I coudn't find a solution to what I want. I wish to copy all
my home directory into another machine with the --delete option, but:

1) I dont't want hidden files, i.e.: `.*' to be copied;

2) on the other hand, there are some symlinks, beginning with `.', that I
want to be copied.

The --exclude option won't help.

From my home directory, if I do:

$ rsync -vrtul --delete *

, hidden files that are in `~/' are not copied at all nor the --delete option
applies to files that are in `~/', so it's not good; from /home, if I do:

$ rsync -vrtul --delete rodolfo

, everything is copied, also system hidden directories and files, which I
don't want.

Please help with this issue.
Thanks for any help

Sorry, I made a mistake: I mean, I want hidden files to be copied, except than
those in `~/': of those, i.e. of the hidden files in `~/', I just want the
symlinks to be copied.


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