Re: Can I have a working VLC in Lenny, and transcode, and ffmpeg?

On Sat, 25 Sep 2010 10:58:33 +1000
Scott Ferguson <> wrote:

Hi all,
on lenny i386 I use VLC for viewing and ripping ffflash - which
works fine.
I'd like to install transcode and ffmpeg without pulling in libavutil*
from (which previously has broken VLC).
For reasons too lengthy to list here - I do not want to use something
as a replacement for VLC.
Thanks in advance for constructive advice.


VLC with libavutil* from d-m works at the moment, it has not broken
again since that one time!

You could try pulling in libavutil from main, eg
sudo aptitude -t lenny libavutil49

Then pull in transcode from d-m and it might not pull in the newer
version, unless it depends on it.

Otherwise, you can compile transcode against the lenny libacutil see
here [1]

But, to be honist, just try the d-m VLC/Transcode, its working
perfectly for me here (I am using AMD64 rather than i386, so ymmv, but
it should be fine!)

Good luck



Angus Hedger

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