Re: Attaching vs. pastebin for big outputs [was: Re: Installation Size Different - bug ?]

On Lu, 01 nov 10, 11:26:40, Camaleón wrote:

It is specified in Debian mailing list "code of conduct":

Avoid sending large attachments.

Without any mention of what "large" means :(

I wonder, what do others think?

I personally prefer long logs and snapshot images are linked unless
otherwise specified (i.e., if the user does not have Internet access,
embedded those inside the e-mail is right).

I don't know why, but I also consider images inappropriate, but now I
see that a full screenshot of my desktop (1680x1050) is "only" about 3
times bigger than the *uncompressed* dmesg.

External logs provide a better reading and understanding as MUA tends to
auto "wrap" lines and it becomes difficult to read them.

command > file.txt

and then attaching should not be a problem as word wrapping in viewers
can usually be toggled ;)

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