Re: Orphaned User Accounts?

Quoting Carlos Mennens on 2010-11-02 16:09:41:
I de-select EVERYTHING and after logging in I find:
(snip: list of static static uids from /etc/passwd)

understand why those accounts would appear but why do these accounts
appear in a fresh minimal installation with no trace of their

Is there a way to understand why Debian is configured so by default?
Are there official developers that browse this list that could give
insight to maybe a security reason or any other as to why we have
these 'orphaned' accounts in a fresh / new minimal install?

IANADD, although Policy 9.2.[12] may shed some light on why.

9.2.1 Some user ids (UIDs) and group ids (GIDs) are reserved
globally for use by certain packages. Because some
packages need to include files which are owned by these
users or groups, or need the ids compiled into binaries

9.2.2 0-99:

Globally allocated by the Debian project, the same on
every Debian system. These ids will appear in the passwd
and group files of all Debian systems, new ids in this
range being added automatically as the base-passwd
package is updated.

Packages which need a single statically allocated uid or
gid should use one of these; their maintainers should
ask the base-passwd maintainer for ids.

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