Re: Smileys don't animate

On 2010-11-28 12:14 +0100, Barry Samuels wrote:

I run my own (non-commercial) web site which includes a forum. There are
smileys which can be used in the posts which are supposed to animate
except that they don't animate on my desktop machine.

Do other GIFs animate there?

My desktop runs Debian Testing/Squeeze, up to date, and uses a 2.6.34
kernel plus the nouveau graphics driver. I used to use the nv graphics
driver which exhibited the same problem.

I understand that these animated smileys are multi-layered GIFs and it
seems that I only see one layer which in some cases is not enough to even
identify the smiley image.

If I boot the same machine from an oldish Knoppix DVD (kernel 2.6.19) the
smileys animate as expected. That DVD appears to use the nv driver.

I can view the same page on my Laptop and the smilies animate on that.

The really strange part is that I also have a local copy of the web site
running under Apache on my desktop and the smileys do animate on that.

With the same web browser?

Any ideas?

Not really, but in Mozilla based browsers you may want to check the
value of image.animation_mode in about:config.


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