RE: hdparm - dpkg error on update

On Tue, 30 Nov 2010 16:37:47 -0700 <bob@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That reads like a similar problem to one reported in this (old) bug

Has anyone else gotten this issue and did you come across a fix for
this version or the dpkg system?

I don't recognize the 'nxsensor' service in your output. Is that in
the current Debian archive?

'nxsensor" was from a remote desktop software called no-machine.

I am guessing the problem exists in that
script. What is the header for that script, the part between BEGIN
INIT INFO and END INIT INFO? Because I think the problem is probably

You were absolutely correct!

I was pressed for time to troubleshoot the init script, so after simply purging the no-machine package I was able to complete the hdparm update.

Thanks Bob :)

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