Re: jewelcase insert for 5.0.7 "Lenny" Official i386 xfce+lxde-CD

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John Jason Jordan wrote:

As a university graduate student I come in contact with a lot of people
who see my computer running Linux. This gives me an opportunity to
introduce them to Linux. In the past I always carried an Ubuntu-32 live
CD to hand them. After handing out several and finding that no one even
tried the live CD I started asking some of the ones that I had given
the CDs to why. Their response was universally that they were afraid
the CD contained a virus.

Windows users (especially) are terrified of malware. As well they ought
to be, considering the OS they run. My CD with Ubuntu-32 written on it
with a sharpie did not impress them. But later I acquired some Ubuntu
CDs from Ubuntu nicely printed. With these I finally had several people
try the CD, and two are now running Linux.

So it is all in the packaging? Your sharpie they did not trust, but a
CD made by you but with the pretty Ubuntu picture put there by you on
the same CD download as the one with the sharpie they did trust. How
naive can people be?

Ken Heard
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