Re: Packages - what's the best way?

On Monday 15 November 2010 03:54:42 Bob Proulx wrote:
Rob Hurle wrote:
Does anyone have advice on the best way to handle a .deb package?

The easiest way is to not handle .deb files at all. Instead allow
apt-get to install the package and any dependencies from the network.

I use aptitude at the command line. aptitude and apt-get seem to leap-frog
round each other as to which is "best". Mostly it is largely a matter of
personal choice.

Yes. For Opera on Debian see the instructions on the wiki which go
into detail what you should do.

I use aptitude for this as well. Opera supplies a debian repository which can
be added to your sources list. Then Opera gets updated by aptitude too. The
only snag to this approach is that it doesn't automatically update its key.


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