Re: Debian Squeeze Installation

On 01/23/2011 05:56 AM, Roman Gelfand wrote:
When installing Squeeze, I chose standard system install and desktop
environment. However, it boots in line mode. How can I check if
desktop, in fact was installed? how to enable it? what is the name
of the of the gnome or kde packages?

Thanks in advance

When you log in try 'startx' if you have some desktop environment it should be started.
I gues you are download standard .iso without choosing DE so it is Gnome.

If you don't have any DE, just log in, 'su' and 'apt-get install gnome'

If you wont Gnome choose 'gnome' if Kde 'kde-full' if Xfce 'xfce4' etc.

You can find here any package

Goran Dobosevic
Registered Linux User #503414

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