Re: Suggestion for a smartphone running natively LINUX? :)

On 03/15/2011 01:38 AM, shawn wilson wrote:

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 6:56 PM, Doug <dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

On 03/14/2011 06:24 PM, johhny_at_poland77 wrote:
or android is a good solution? can i run chrome on it? is it a
"safe" distro?
I don't know for sure, but since Chrome and Android are products
of Google,
it would really be surprising if Chrome wouldn't run. Also, since
Android is
an offshoot of Linux, which is pretty safe, and besides, is very
new, it's
likely that not much in the way of nasties is around as yet.

i'm not sure exactly what you mean by 'pretty safe' or 'not much in the way of nasties', but if you're talking about security holes or malicious software, i would call that naive:
Live and learn. I've been reading the Linux propaganda for so long, I believe it. It says that there are virtually no viruses written for Linux.
(Not that there are absolutely none.) And, of course, it's true that cell phones will have a much larger base than Linux does, so as to
attract more baddies. Just like Windows.


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