Re: Upgrade to Squeeze and KDE

On 03/20/2011 01:57 AM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
Daniel Bareiro wrote:
Hi all!


I used Synaptic so I could hunt down all the kde version 3.5.10 packages and remove them, that will help with stability, also you maybe interested in you can install Kde Version 4.5.3, everybody using 4.5.3 is saying it's the best kde-4 release, it sure beats the heck out of 4.4 that comes with squeeze.

KDE 4.6.1 is out. It's used in the latest upgrade of PCLINUXOS. PCLOS does not use all the bells and whistles of KDE, but what it does use, works fine.
I must admit that they used to use 4.4.5 and it also worked fine. The trick is to keep it civilized, not to try and squeeze the last oddball goofiness out
of it. (When I looked at Kubuntu, some 8 or so months ago, it was clear that that's what they had in mind, and it, plainly, _sucked_!) Download a live
PCLOS and try it--you'll see that KDE is not the demon it's so often made out to be.


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