Re: keyboard (almost) stops working

On Mon, 21 Mar 2011 10:23:36 +0200, Γιώργος Πάλλας wrote:

I'm using squeeze with KDE, fully updated, on a i386, and since about
six months a strange thing happens, at least once a day: The keyboard
stops functioning. I thought it gets kind of completely disconnected,
but then I noticed that if I press continuously a key, the repeat mode
starts (i.e. pressing once 'f' gets me nothing, but pressing it
continuously, gets me 'ffffffffffffffff').

Lame workaround: Logout from KDE, and login again. (as soon as I log
out, it types properly again on the login screen) Disconnecting the
keyboard and connecting it to another USB port, does not work.

Any ideas?

I would check with a PS/2 based keyboard (yep, it's annoying, but is just
to check if the freeze comes from the USB stack).



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