Re: - how to install additional languages?

On Sun, 03 Apr 2011 16:43:52 +0100, Lisi wrote:

On Sunday 03 April 2011 15:22:31 Camaleón wrote:
And what's exactly that "English English"? I mean, what iso code it
has? I ask becasue I'm not aware of any with that name :-?

That is exactly what I was complaining about! Among other things.

I miss an Academy of Language for English. I know Oxford's dictionary is
a kind of standard in this field but there should be a central
institution that regulates and sets the language rules and of course,
integrates all of the English variations.

In Spain we have such institution (also in France, IIRC) that tries to
control and normalize all of the Spanish variations.

And there are separate language iso's for some flavours of Spanish, are
there not?

Yes, there are... es-ES (Spanish from Spain), es-AR (Spanish from
Argentina), es-CL (Spanish from Chile), es-MX (Spanish from Mexico),

And in Chile they used to talk of Castellano and Espaniol. This was
many years ago so a) it may have changed and b) I
may have the spelling a bit wrong.

When used to designate the same purpose (language) both denominations are
synonyms. "Castellano" is more heard in Spain while "español" is a bit
more international denomination.

But there is no "Spanish Spanish" just a Spanish that is spoken in
"__________" (put here the country) ;-)



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