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CDDL isn't a BSD Licence, it's the licence that's used by what was Sun
Microsystems and is now Oracle.

sorry my mistake for thinking zfs was bsd (even after you said it was
cddl)! i was confusing it with the fact that you can use zfs via
freebsd). thx for the correction.

i looked it up and the key point for me is that
"The Free Software Foundation considers it a free software license that
is incompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL)."

The BSD Licence and GNU can co-exists quite
well and have for a very long time.

i'd forgotten this largely i think due to some of the hostility
demonstrated on the excellent freebsd mailist towards gpl (a few years

i guess this is also why you can actually have debian/freebsd then.
furthermore, we bridge the incompatibilities perhaps:

zfs --> cddl||bsd --> bsd||gpl --> debian(gpl)/freebsd(bsd)

i'm not up on the licensing protocols so i'm just guessing here.

No worries, couldn't hurt to read up on CDDL[1], *BSD[2] Licences and
GNU/GPL[3]. As for your general Filesystem needs, XFS or XFS-LVM is probably
the smart way to go.

You mentioned something about doing this on USB (solid-state?) storage? You
might want to also consider reading up on USB's general policy about write
few, read many. In a nutshell, most USB devices don't like to be written to
many many times (such as a busy *primary* FS). They have a limited
shelf-life of writes )wear leveling) before they go bad (I have an OCZ ATV
rubber thumb drive that has suffered this.) This is why they tell you
defragmenting SSD's is a *VERY* bad idea, you significantly reduce the write
ability of the device.[4][5][6]


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