Re: Help About Squeeze

Markus Neviadomski wrote:
Thats sound like a fake, sorry. A single-core CPU with a some piece of
RAM as file server for 200 users? No...

I think a 2800 Sempron will have no trouble serving files, even to 200 people. Unless they all simultaneously started copying 10+ GB of data around on the server itself. But in my experience typical file server activity is sporadic with occasional bursts.

Besides the bottleneck with a file server normally is not CPU performance but network performance. You'd likely saturate the network bandwidth before you'd ever hog the CPU.

Am 12.05.2011 04:17, schrieb Aldyth Maharsha:
My trouble is my server like "sleep" and if it's sleep i cannot ping,
ssh and anything from another computer, to "wakeup" my server i must

Sounds like you have some power manager that's configured to put the system to sleep. I assume you have some desktop environment running on it. Try to access its power management configuration editor and turn off anything that makes it sleep after a certain time.

In gnome it's called "power management" in the debian->system->preferences menu.



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