Re: How do fixes/improvements to video drivers get rolled out in Squeeze?

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That being said, how does performance get improved within a
given stable release? Can I hope for an update to help improve it at some
point within the life of Squeeze?

From <>:
Suite update policy
Fast response for security updates. Minor updates include security
and other important fixes only. Major updates are sourced from testing, and
are infrequent, but large.

Major updates is something like Lenny -> Squeeze. Minor Update is something
like 6.0.0 -> 6.0.1 a.k.a. a "point release" where the codename does not

It's not clear (to me) that "important" in the above corresponds directly to
bug severities, but one of those severities is called "important" so FYI:

Also, here's more detail about what is considered an RC bug for Squeeze:
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