Re: How to use the net install CD with PPPoE?

On Mon, 2011-05-30 at 00:56 -0400, William Hopkins wrote:
Sounds like you solved your issue.. Is there something you need?

Hi William :)

regarding to GRUB2 I don't need help.

If you used the CD as you said and installed, you already have Debian stable. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question.

I tried to use the nedinst CD ...

I won't download and burn 8 DVDs.

Nobody is asking you to. For one thing, downloading every package, even in DVD format, is excessive and uses debian mirror bandwidth. The Debian method is to only download those packages you need.

... to avoid to download and burn 8 DVDs, resp. more than 50 CDs, but
PPPoE seems to be a big issue.

Anyway, welcome to debian.

Thank you. In the past I used 64 Studio = Debian, later they switched to
Ubuntu and AFAIK now they switched back, but it's not released yet.


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