Re: Samba or NFS

3.6.2011 18:08, Dan kirjoitti:

I have two linux servers. One file server (debian) that is running
samba and one application server (redhat). I would like to mount the
shares of the file server in the application server. The problem is
that the usernames are very different. Samba is already running and
easier to set-up. NFS seems to be more difficult to set-up and also
there are more security issues.

Which are the advantages of NFS over Samba (cifs) other than the
symbolic links. I read that even some people prefer samba over NFS to
connect Unix to Unix.

NFS is by far simpler to use in pure Linux environment, Samba is for
Windows networks. NFS has no passwords, just install it with apt-get,
and declare /etc/exports in the server, and mount the shares in the
clients /etc/fstab. That's all it takes.

NFS offers native looking folders to *nix machines over networks.


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