Re: Debian Questions on apt-get

On 06/06/11 at 06:52pm, Lisi wrote:
On Monday 06 June 2011 17:03:36 Matt wrote:
I have worked with Centos quite a bit in past though no expert.
Giving Debian a whirl now.

Having made a desultary attempt in teh other direction, I feel your pain. :-(

In Centos when I want to update or add a package I do this:

yum update

There is an important and fundamental difference between yum update and
apt-get update. Yum update, as you say, applies patches. Apt-get update
just updates the database of packages on your computer. (I think that yum
simply doesn't do this at all.) The equivalent of yum update is apt-get
full-upgrade - but you must run apt-get update first, or you won't get
anything new. That will apply patches.

Incorrect, yum installs full packages and is indeed quite similar to apt.
I'm also not familiar with the command `apt-get full-upgrade`.

The reason apt is not showing any 'patches' is because you must have the latest version of all your software, or apt is not configured correctly.


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