Re: laptop restart eth0 automatically on plugin or on awake like a desktop

On Wed, 08 Jun 2011 18:27:44 +0100, Brian wrote:

On Wed 08 Jun 2011 at 16:06:34 +0000, Camaleón wrote:

It seems it can fail, at least under some scenarios ;-)

ifupdown: /etc/init.d/networking should support allow-hotplug

This isn't a failure of allow-hotplug but a perceived defect in the
/etc/init.d/networking script, which only takes account of auto.

Yep, and that's unfortunate if whatever routine (udev rule or event,
dhcpcd-client, suspension restore script...) tries to wake up the network

If you add to this udev events and system restoration from a suspended
state, the mess can be royal.

Not a problem the OP experienced. :)

I can't tell for sure, but many users are experincing the same problem,
and not only from Debian but also from Ubuntu and Mint, so...
casualty? :-)

There must be another similiar bugs out there because this is not the
first time I've read problems with the "*-hotplug" stanza.

You have the advantage on me but I'm unpersuaded. The initial post was a
classic dhcp couldn't get an address description. Now if he had said he
was using static addressing (which just may be on the desktop machines
he mentioned) I'd be stumped.

Hum... I don't rebember nothing about dhcp or static addressing but
something about plugging/unplugging the ethernet cable and after that no
interface coming up.

Maybe Mitchell Laks could boot with allow-hotplug and with auto 20/30
times and report his observations. And another 20/30 times without
either. Recording relevant boot messages of course and seeing what dmesg
has to say about the state of eth0.

Sure :-)



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