Re: [OT] Native Oberon

On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 17:10 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
On 06/08/2011 02:41 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 14:07 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
ETHNO can easily be installed from a diskette in an evening.

I experienced having a disk notcher at hand is very comfortable

Bah. A hand-held single-hole punch was good enough to turn a SS floppy
into a DS.


Btw. I guess if we would test 100 CDs and 5¼" discs, there would be more
CDs around 2 years old, than 5¼" discs around 25 years old, with data
loss. I could do such a test, but I won't do it. It's to much hassle to
get an old computer and drive working. Btw. I used a puncher for the
Save money + time by punching two discs at once :D.

A switch for the light barrier, a filigree one like those
would be a smart solution.

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