Re: Which sound card for my server rack?

On Fri, 2011-06-10 at 11:03 +0000, alex.padoly wrote:

My server have several PCI 64 bits slots, I can put my PCI video
card (ATI RADEON PCI) but I can't put my soundblaster PCI 128, I can
put it a sounBlaster Live PCI
but this card doesn't work with Linux!

Which sound card I can put in my server rack and it works with Linux.
I need sound when I use a application sometimes.
Thanks you!



So you don't need a card that enables real-time duplex (recording and
playing at the same time), by giving you professional audio quality?
You aren't using jackd?

You're looking for a sound card that is able to play sound for e.g.
youtube? Is some kind of surround format needed etc.?

I don't have knowledge about the kind of card you need, but I recommend
to take a look at

"Is my soundcard supported? "

If you found a sound card that fit to your needs, please asked again, if
there are still issues known.

E.g. when you get an Envy24 based sound card and you're using
PulseAudio, it won't work OOTB for some distros. You have to add two
lines to a configuration file.



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