Re: [Debian 6] Unable to install Debian 6.0.1 - no supporting mirrors found

On Fri, 10 Jun 2011, Scott Ferguson wrote:

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Subject: Re: [Debian 6] Unable to install Debian 6.0.1 - no supporting mirrors
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On 10/06/11 15:37, Bret Busby wrote:

I have been trying to install Debian 6.0.1 amd64 version, with a
firmware netinst iso (from

), and, at the package manager setup stage, every mirror that I have
tried within Australia, and a couple in the USA, return the error
"mirror does not support version (squeeze)".

Please advise.

Thank you in anticipation.

Bret Busby
West Australia

I can confirm that my local optus, netspeed, transact mirrors, and the
monash uni mirror are all up (amd64). I suspect the installer might be
asking for something weird.. did you choose http or ftp?

If you still have access to the install at that point:-
When you open a vt (F3) what is the installer asking the repositories
for? (from memory F7 will take you back to the installation screen).



We don't make mistakes.



I have just switched back to the computer onto which the Debian 6.01 amd64 version is to be installed (I have to disconnect the monitor from this computer, and connect it to the other computer, as the monitor that I had connected to it, appears temperamental, and the monitors are now apparently irreplaceable, with all new monitors now being the bodgy widescreen things), and written down the content of the last text screen displayed, which I found at <CTRL><ALT<F4> (It is <CTRL><ALT<F5> to return to the GUI installation screen), and, rather than typing all of the content of the screen, I think (but, with my little amount of knowledge, am not sure) that, as suggested, the problem may lay in the URL format for the repositories.

for example, for AARNet, the line from the screen (without the date/timestamp at the start of the line), is

choose-mirror[6418]: DEBUG: command: wget -q - O - | grep -E '^(Suite|Codename:'

and for UWA, is

choose-mirror[6608]: DEBUG: command: wget -q -O - | grep -E '^(Suite|Codename):'

Now, as I have said, I am of little knowledge in Linux and Debian, but, to me, the double slash between "debian" and "dists", in the URL's, makes me wonder whether that might be the source of the problem.

I have tried to transcribe the contents of the screen, as accurately as possible, (as I said, apart from the date/timestamp at the start of each line).

If what I have suggested, is not the source of the problem, I could type in the whole of the content of the last screen of text that is displayed, but I thought that, if I am correct in my proposition, then there is no point in typing in the remainder of the content.

I note that the content of the screen, does not include any error message to the effect "Network is unreachable", so indicating, in the absence of such a message, that the network connection appears to be functioning properly.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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you'll know what the answer means."
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