Re: broadcom

Volkan YAZICI schreef:
IMHO, you have two options:

1. Solve the issue by fixing the drivers supplied by the distribution.
(As others have explained in the previous replies.)

2. Use new brcm80211[1] drivers. For this purpose, I'd make a custom
kernel package (see make-kpkg) using the latest stable kernel
sources, which bundle brcm80211 by default.



On Sat, 11 Jun 2011 15:32:00 +0200, steef writes:
bought my self a hp mini-netbook, included windoze7 and a very strong accu, 10
hours of life.

i put sid on an usb-stick, included fluxbox and wicd(-curses).

wifi = (lspci) brcm4313. (type 5.60.350.6)

loaded/installed the according the debian broadcom- (broadcom 43xx wireless
drivers) -wiki convenient driver_firmware. the driver should be included in the
sid_kernel, so i understood. however: this wifi_driver does not work.

my questions: what did i do wrong if anything (1) ?


broadcom assued a so-called xxx-STA driver (by google) somebody with some
experience with this brcm4313 driver for linux (tar.gz) does this one work for
my mini_netbook (2) ?

if i find a working driver i can get rid of w7.

....... hi: a good advice. i got everything working by now, but, nevertheless just for fun i built my own kernel with the wl.ko driver included in the net_modules. works excellent and was after a couple of years an excellent rehearsel/training.



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