Re: location dhcpd.conf

On Thu, 16 Jun 2011 21:17:07 +0200, Bonno Bloksma wrote:

Are there any more surprises like that and how do I find them after a
version upgrade?

Most of the surprises (at least the bigger ones) can be discovered by
reading the Release Notes:

I have read those at least three times from chapter 1 to 7 while making
my own notes about what was really important for me. Just checked again,
nothing about the dhcp server changes.

Sure not!

Release Notes document the most important changes, those that can render
your computer unusable and I'm afraid the config file for DHCP server
daemon does not fall into that category :-)

Am I supposed to read every package page to find differences like
this? It is not even mentioned at the page I reference above, I just
noted that I had two dhcpd.conf files and that the date on the conf
files was different from what I expected en then went looking for more

The rest of the surprises could be found in their corresponding doc
packages and/or list of changes file.

There is indeed a change log for each package, but I cannot find that
kind of information. I can see a change log for the isc-dhcp-server but
the only thing in there about dhcpd.conf is something from 2006.

And there are also some nice docs for each package and README files ;-)

IIRC, there was a transition from "dhcp3-client" (package available for
lenny) to "isc-dhcp-client" (in squeeze) so the mess could had been
generated because of that.

Maybe someone can update the change log for the dhcp system to reflect
the change in config file location. Fortunately I do not to much
different packages on our systems so there are not too many packages to

The changelog reflects the changes done in a package while in this case
there two packages providing the same service, so deciding what to keep
and what to install is up to the user/admin.



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