Re: X bother consoles

On Thu, 23 Jun 2011 14:48:29 +0200, maderios wrote:

On 06/22/2011 01:40 PM, Camaleón wrote:

When you disabled KMS, what driver was loading the X server?

"Nouveau" driver

Are you sure? AFAIK, nouveau does not work with KMS disabled :-?

May be I'm wrong and I used vesa instead, I can't remember .....
Normally, Nouveau can be disabled Anyway, Nouveau
works with framebuffer. This changes everything for the console. I dont
want to use Nouveau: very poor performance, it works very badly with

Yes, KMS can be disabled (and so nouveau) but after that, you should get
the VESA driver (unless "nv" is still available) or "fb".

KMS is a requirement to use nouveau, or so it says here:

Does Matrox provide an open source driver? If no, have you contacted
them to update it?

Me & many users contacted Matrox. They dont'care

Then better discard Matrox as an option for linux, they deserve it >:-)

The problem is present with vesa, nouveau, nvidia and matrox...

Err... sir, you said that nouveau did work, can you clarify that? It
works or it doesn't work?

Explanation: Nouveau can use framebuffer, others drivers don't use

But framebuffer (fb) is not a nouveau thingy. Radeon and intel drivers
can make use of it, too.

My monitor is a LCD (EIZO SX2462W). I tested with another monitor, an
old CRT and I got same problem.

This is not a display problem, I guess, but a driver issue.

May be it's a problem with sandy bridge support. I got other new
problems since I changed hardware:
- irq conflict (I had to disable firewire to eliminate the bug)
- problem with usb keyboard before booting with grub menu interface
after changing kernel: no key board, I have to do one or several
"reset" to recover keyboard.

Those problems seems to be totally unrelated with the messing of the

But the main problem here is that you can't open a bug report for nvidia
closed drivers... well, you can, but I guess it will be ignored. So your
only chance is by testing with another driver version and see how it goes
(if you don't want to break you current system, you can test a different
set of driver from a LiveCDs).



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