Re: No more GRUB legacy at install time since wheezy?

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 11:42 AM, Camaleón <noelamac@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yesterday I had to perform an new install with the latest wheezy snapshot
(weekly CD#1 image).

1/ I could only get grub-pc, no more questions about installing GRUB
legacy or select the new version... is that right? I thought GRUB2 is
still an ongoing project, quite stable but still getting many

Point 1/ worries me a bit, because GRUB2 was not going to be my preferred
option for wheezy... is there any chance to get GRUB legacy at install
time or that option won't be present anymore?

I was surprised to see grub1 in Squeeze. It's still in the Wheezy and
Sid repos though, even if it isn't available through d-i.

Would grub2 really have been made the default in Squeeze if it weren't stable?

For the record, I prefer grub1's config to grub2's but grub2's been
almost problem-free for me for a long time. Almost: one small problem
(Karmic's grub2 couldn't recognize Fedora's initrd when creating a
Fedora menu entry) and one big problem (until last summer, grub2
couldn't boot from mdraid metadata 1.x).

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