Re: Default paper size in LibreOffice - SOLVED?

On 06/26/11 20:38, Greg Madden wrote:

On Sunday 26 June 2011 04:04:40 pm Rick Thomas wrote:
I've tried everything I can think of, but every time I create a new
document in LibreOffice Writer it wants to print on A4 paper. I'm in
the US and everything else uses US-Letter paper. As I understand it,
the accepted way to set this is with "dpkg-reconfigure libpaper1". But
this has no effect on LibreOffice.

To reproduce the problem:

In Gnome go to the "Applications->Office->LibreOffice Writer" menu.
In the new document window, go to "File->Print" menu, click on the
"General" tab, click on the "Properties" button. Notice that it says
"A4" for paper size.

If I change that, I can print on Letter paper OK. But the next time I
open a document, I get the same thing.

What's the magic I'm missing?

I've googled; I've searched the help documentation, I've found lots of
suggestions. but none that work...

Not sure if its relevant, I have one additional step involved here. Before
clicking on 'properties' I select from a list of printers available, i have more
than one installed on my system. Highlighting a printer I can set paper size,
different sizes for different printers here. Its sticky.

I am using LO from Debian backports on Squeeze.

I don't know why this works, but I noticed that one of my machines had a package called "cups-pdf" installed (which hauls in "libpaper-utils" -- more on this later...) and on that machine I got a choice of two printers (as Greg notes above) one is "lp" (my networked postscript printer) and one is "pdf" a virtual pdf printer. On that machine, the default paper size is "Letter".

So I installed "cups-pdf" on another machine and lo-and-behold! Now the default paper size is "Letter" on that one too!

I'm guessing that "libpaper-utils" is needed to make the configuration of "libpaper1" visible to LibreOffice?

Description: library for handling paper characteristics (utilities)
The libpaper paper-handling library automates recognition of many different
paper types and sizes for programs that need to deal with printed output.

This package contains utilities for setting the system's default paper type and
for accessing paper type information from shell scripts.

Anyway, it seems to work.

I wonder if "libpaper-utils" should be depended upon (or at least recommended by) by libreoffice?


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