Re: Problems with PAE kernel sort of solved.

On 29/07/11 10:14 AM, Camaleón wrote:

Yes, that I guess is why the system now "sees" only one CPU when I
have a dual core. But I still fail to understand why turning off
hyper-threading allows the kernel (supposedly who only major change is
use of the PAE extension) to boot when it wouldn't before.

Because PAE is disabled?

cat /proc/cpuinfo show PAE is not disabled in this machine. For some weird reason the PAE kernel can't boot with hyper-threading enabled. BTW I don't have a dual-core cpu as I once thought.

Something seems seriously broken with your machine and PAE (HT/PAE
combo), dunno what nor why because your system looks PAE-aware and
capable :-?

I have since discovered a couple of other people who have the same
problem...all on machines using older (circa 2002) Intel boards and cpu's.

Anyway I guess I am barking up the wrong tree - the kernel developers
seem comfortable with their assumption that it's a hardware fault on my
machine. Could be, or maybe not.

Maybe... not enough data to tell but a BIOS update may help, I would
check it out, just in case you haven't already done.

Been there..done that :) The BIOS is the latest available, and Intel naturally has dropped support for this MB.
My interim solution has been to boot the 2.6.38 kernels in Sid, and/or
Ubuntu Maverick and Natty on the other partitions.


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