Re: OT questions about noscript and notscript

On 19/08/11 04:01, Paul E Condon wrote:
I'm curious about the differences between noscript and notscript.
I ask here because this is the list on which I discovered the
existence of (and the need for) these add-ons to web browsers.

NotScripts uses a unique and novel method to provide this “NoScript”
like functionality in Google Chrome that was not previously possible. It
introduces a break through technique of intelligent HTML5 storage
caching to over come the limitations in Google Chrome that prevented an
extension like this from being made before. This is one of the key
extensions that many people have been waiting for since Google Chrome
came out.

NotScripts is inspired by the “NoScript” addon for Firefox and seeks to
emulate it within the limitations of the Google Chrome extensions

NOTE: "unique" and "novel" are sometimes synonyms for "interesting" and
eg. Setting yourself on fire is a unique, novel, and interesting way of
seeing in the dark.

1. There seems not to be a direct, feature for feature add-on to
Chrome that corresponds to noscript for Iceweasel. Correct?


Apparently - "The reason is very simple: Chrome is still lacking the
required infrastructure for selective script disablement and object

2. Setup of notscript involves choosing a rather long password.
There is no such requirement in noscript for iceweasel. Correct?

Noscript uses other, less novel and unique methods of keeping the
blocking rules from being read or altered by site scripts


3. Is this difference because there features in chrome that have
no analog in iceweasel, and blocking these requires something
extra? <snipped>

Yes. (and Opera, where notscript is also used)

It seems one needs to have quite a long password (>20char). But
one can be somewhat relaxed about the way it is stored. Correct?


Is there a discussion of this situation somewhere that is written
in natural language English?



[Official gibberish]

I come to this question being with a mostly obsolete vocabulary
of words about the Internet. Is there a well maintained glossary
of terms somewhere? One that includes historical usage as well
as the most recent buzz? (so I can track new vs. what was once
new, long ago)

Too hard. Pass :-)


Hope that helps answer the questions you asked.

To the questions you failed to ask:-
Does Notscript work?, Why not? and Why bother? the answers are:-
;"barely" (for the moment)*1
; "Maybe because Chrome is a Google product, and you viewing
advertisements is part of Google's core business".
;"I have no idea"


[*1] It's a css look-a-like hack.

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