Re: Need dial-up friendly install on USB stick

On Fri 19 Aug 2011 at 10:31:16 -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:

Rob Owens wrote:

With Debian Live, you should be able to install a dialer (kppp is one
that comes to mind).

Chuckle - it's the "chicken and egg" problem.
My starting point is I have to take my Windows laptop to local library
for high speed access. The nearest known LUG is >200 miles away (am in
rural SW Missouri). Then I need either to identify an iso with active
dialer OR have a way to download the dialer and dependencies using

Apart from being bandwidth challenged at home your situation is no
different from anyone else's who installs Debian to a USB stick.

Choose an iso image. You already know how to put it on a USB device and
boot successfully from it. In Debian download the packages you know from
your research are needed to get the modem going. kppp has been
suggested. I'd add wvdial amd pppconfig to the list.

Depending on your wifi card, you may need to
install special packages and/or enable the non-free repos.

Assumed. My tests have established that there is at least one driver
minimally compatible with my hardware. If I can get either working, the
other can be bootstrapped.

lspci or lsusb (in Debian) will tell you how to proceed with wifi.

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