Re: tvtime and fglrx drivers in squeeze

On Fri, 09 Sep 2011 16:28:45 +0300, Georgi Naplatanov wrote:

Does tvtime work with fglrx drivers on Debian Squeeze ?

I don't see why not :-?

That is, it can have problems but no more than other proprietary drivers,
like nvidia.

I have to replace the old nvidia graphics card and just wonder whether
to replace it with ATI HD5450.

Besides, with closed drivers there is no guarantee... even it is working
now it can stop from working at any time, so just get the card you want
and if you encounter any problem report it to AMD (I'm afraid they are
the only ones who can manage bugs for the closed driver).

When it comes to the closed source driver I like nvidia cards more than
ATI but that's just a personal POV based on my experience with their
cards (in linux, never had a problem with them).



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