Re: After upgrade to squeeze OS will not accept passphrase to unlock disk

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Further to the problem described in the first post to this thread, I
have progress of a sort to report.

As to inability of the computer on boot with squeeze to unlock the
BDS-home_crypt partition, I discovered that the connection to the box
from the keyboard was not properly plugged in; so the box was not
accepting any commands from the keyboard. (Duh!) I consequently plugged
the keyboard in.

Next the box accepted the passphrase; but after three times trying to
open the BDS-home_crypt partition, the box returned the "cannot find the
superblock"message, suggested I try an alternate superblock (e2fsck -b
8193 <device>), reverted to the maintenance shell, and finally asked for
the root password -- or control-D to continue "normal" booting.

At this point I entered the root password but it was not accepted. I
then -- as Gary Golden suggested -- rebooted using finnix, which allowed
me to log on as root without a password. Using the command passwd I was
able to re-enter the root password.

I rebooted once again using squeeze, got as far as the maintenance shell
and was asked for the root password. I entered the password, which
I now knew was the right one, three times; but it was not accepted.

I now think it is a fair assumption that there is no good superblock for
the BDS-home_crypt partition in any location where I can access it;
because all such locations would require unlocking first, which I cannot
do because the superblock cannot be found.

I consequently expect I have to re-install squeeze -- fortunately there
is no data which will be lost by doing so. I am however puzzled as to
why I cannot open the maintenance shell with the proper root password.

If any part of my analysis or proposed solution are wrong I would like
to be so informed.

Regards, Ken Heard
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