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Camaleón wrote:
Bob Proulx wrote:
Camaleón wrote:
Besides, I'm sure you know that flash player plugin can contact you
webcam and audio devices very easily.

Is that true on an ARM based platform? Remember that Debian supports a
large number of architectures. AFAIK there is no Adobe Flash available
for ARM based systems.

And what has ARM to do with this? Are you running an ARM based machine?
Yes? Then good for you :-) But people running flash player on their
systems are subject to that type of scannings.

Yes, an ARM machine. And I picked that one because there is no Adobe
Flash for ARM.

Is that true with Gnash (GNU Flash)? Gnash is the only flash player on
my main desktop (although other machines of mine have the Adobe
proprietary player). (Although I mentioned ARM above my main desktop is
amd64. I didn't want to be misleading here. But I do have ARM based

Good, but again, are we talking about "you" specifically or we are taking
a more wide user case?

I am talking about "Debian". This is a Debian mailing list. Debian
supports many architectures and not just 32-bit x86. Are we talking
about "you" specifically here running a 32-bit x86 architecture and
able to run Adobe Flash? :-)

I am telling you what happens right now with technology that is available
in our systems, I can't speak for every concrete desktop there is on the
earth as you can understand...

I am talking about mainstream Debian systems. Debian has been called
the Universal Operating System for good reason. It runs on many
different architectures. Here is the official list.

Debian is all about free(dom) software and the Social Contract and the
DFSG (Debian Free Software Guidelines) reflect this. If you have the
source code then you are not limited to a proprietary blob limiting
you to a specific architecture. If you have the source code then you
are free to run on whatever architecture you have available. This is
a core point of Debian and one that makes it "Outstanding". :-)

To be sincere, I don't care about flash player very much, just put it as
an example of what can be done with a small plugin and a browser.

"Small" plugin? Maybe. (At 134K I think that is quite large.) But
it certainly has been a big problem for a long time. In any case it
is a good example of a bad example.

Bugzilla (and related web based bug tracking systems) also provides
wizards which guide the user to write the report. It's the same as
reportbug, you can customize the level of help you want to receive and
set that level as the default for the next time.

To be clear I have never opposed having a web interface to submit bugs
to the BTS. I however think the best part of the BTS is the ability
to use email to interface to it. Email is so simple and pervasive
that I can't see ever wanting to use any other method.

But I disagree completely here that a web browser filling in a web form
has access to the local system as it is intended to be impossible by
design and security layers to run local programs across the local
filesystem as a web form. Note that Javascript runs inside a security
layer and is restricted from this access.

Oh, come on, is not that hard. In the worst scenario, you can tell the
user to download a script with instructions to run it and then send the
output to a file to be uploaded with the report.

I think that would be teaching users bad habits. Most users are not
well versed on the details of verifying trust paths from scripts
downloaded from the Internet.

That's all. It's possible, easy and convenient for the user that can run
the script when he/she wants and attach it to the bug later, when there
is Internet connection, for example.

So... There could be a script on the web site. The user could
download the script and run it. That script could be called something
like "reportbug"? :-)

Try moving it out of the way and running without local customization.

$ mv ~/.reportbugrc reportbugrc.suspect
$ reportbug -b somepackage

I had to not only remove that config file several times but also set
"ncurses" GUI as the default to avoid perpetual crashes...

Does that mean that when you were experiencing crashes you were using
a graphical GUI interface? If so then that is not the default and
must have been customized that way. If so then that explains the

I dare say that people like me who have never experienced a crash are
using 'reportbug' in the default configuration and those that are
complaining about it crashing have turned on some GUI interface.
There appears to be one. I have never used it. It is not the
default setting. I didn't even know it existed until a moment ago.


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