Re: What to make of this apt-get update output.

On Sun, 16 Oct 2011 13:44:50 -0700, Robert Holtzman wrote:

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 06:54:41PM +0000, Camale�n wrote:


I must be more of a noob than I thought. "Follow the points"...what
points? If you mean the and wiki URLs, they just point to
the site(s), dead end.

I'm sure at the time Debian wiki article was written the ""
site has not been under attack, so... (here are the points) do you
understand that and related sites where down recently and by
that reason you were pointing to a server that could not be reached or
have not updated data?

Of course. That's the message "apt-get update" gives.

Yes :-)

(and sorry if I sounded a bit rude on my last messages, I was aware of
the current status for the "" mirror because I tend to follow
the news but it's normal that other people had no notice on this)

"If you are using squeeze, better change that URI".....what one?

Thn onenpointing to "" mirror, of course.

I assume the mirror does I see no
indication of this in the list.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, "squeeze-updates" is handled by Debian official mirrors¹, so you can
use that one.




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