Re: Ubuntuone Package

On Fri, 18 Nov 2011 07:33:33 -0500, Stephen Allen wrote:

Any chance that this package will be included in the Debian archive?

There is an ITP (Intent To Package, IIRC) bug already opened:

Tried to install it but ran into dependency hell and in the end realized
that I wasn't going to be able to install it.

I had found an e-mail from one of the Ubuntu packagers from some time
back indicating that he was going to try to get this included in Debian,
due to the problems of installing the Ubuntu package on a Debian


If you're hurry and cannot wait for the package to be available in Debian
here there are some links that can help you to deal with the Ubuntu's
package installation:

Is running Ubuntu One on Debian 'possible'?

Howto: Ubuntu One in Debian Wheezy



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