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On Saturday 21 Kislev 5772 17:45:49 debian-user-digest-
request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Wednesday 18 Kislev 5772 16:04:23 David Baron wrote:
I have a 64-bit Intel CPU but have been gleefully running my 32-bit Sid
on it.

Can one install the 64-bit kernel and upgrade other packages piecemeal
or must one do it all in one go? In other words: Will
all/most/some/none 32-bit programs work with it?

(Has the new multiarch organization made this easier?)

Repliers said emphatically NO, but ...
It apparantly CAN be done!

~$ uname -a
Linux dovidhalevi 3.2.0-rc4-amd64 #1 SMP Mon Dec 5 03:26:57 UTC 2011
x86_64 GNU/Linux
I did install amd64-libs which also pulled lib64ncurses5 (sort of thought
it would be needed, may not?)

Strictly speaking you haven't actually done it yet. You have
installed a 64-bit kernel and some 64-bit libraries which are
installed off to the side of the main system libraries. That is a
special case way to run (some) 64-bit applications. It isn't a
complete system and is not the equivalent of a system installed as a
64-bit system. It is somewhat of a step along the road to true
multiarch support. Useful. But special.

The main issue is that eventually you will run into a program that
needs a library that you won't have installed on your system.

Obviously. Only the kernel and its modules are 64b. I might try a few 64-byte
programs but everything else as well as other installed kernels are 32b.

When the 64b kernel is off experimental and after having used it a while, then
the choice needs be made, i.e. get rid of the 32 bit kernels and start
installing real 64b packages. BTW, how do I instruct apt-get, etc., to do so?

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