Re: Enabling ehci_hcd

On Sat, 17 Dec 2011 22:27:43 -0500, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:

I was having problems w/ a USB drive and traced the problem to the drive
enclosure using USB1.1 and the computer requiring USB2.0. I disabled
the ehci_hcd with the following set of commands:



OK, it worked. Now I have another enclosure that runs USB2.0.

How do I now re-enable the ehci_hcd?

Mmmm, if you enable it again your enclosure will stop from working :-?

Okay, my wild guess (not tested) is that it should be the same command but
sending it to the opposite → "bind"

sudo sh -c 'echo -n "0000:00:xx.x" > bind'



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