Re: which is the best way to find some files

Haha, that should be "thanks Tony", I just started using Evolution and I
am still confused.

On Δευ, 2011-12-26 at 01:18 +0800, lina wrote:
On Monday 26,December,2011 01:13 AM, tony baldwin wrote:
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Subject: which is the best way to find some files


I have some files like

a_1.txt a_2.txt
a_1.doc a_2.doc

I only want to keep a_*.xxx

but delete all other a_*.doc or .txt and more

rm a_*.[^{xxx}] not work,

Thanks for suggestions,

Best regards,

maybe try

rm !(*.xxx)
Cool. work on my laptop,

but not on cluster:
$ ls !(*.gro)
-bash: !: event not found

All Tony, all the time!

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